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CBD Oil: Isolate

What is CBD isolate? Here's the short answer: it means you're only getting one cannabinoid, which is CBD. There are no other cannabinoids or terpenes except for the stuff that helps you feel better. Our isolate tincures come in a variety of flavors.















CBD Isolate: what is it?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is one of many phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It’s one of the more sought after cannabinoids, particularly for its many healing and pain management properties.

So, what’s CBD isolate, then? Upon extracting cannabinoids from the hemp plant, those same cannabinoids are put through another refinement process that removes every single compound except for - you guessed it - CBD. CBD isolate is just that: 99.9% pure cannabidiol with little to no residual compounds. The result of this extensive process is a fine white powder that resembles salt crystals or table sugar. 

CBD isolate is extremely versatile and has many avenues of consumption: edibles, infused topicals, drinks, and more. CBD binds best to lipids, which is why you’ll see many tinctures use either a combination of propylene glycol and glycerin, or MCT oil from coconut. Eclipse specifically uses pharmaceutical grade MCT oil for various reasons: first, propylene glycol has a medicinal aftertaste that’s hard to mask. Second, MCT oil is simply healthier and has the added benefit of mixing well with our complex flavor profiles.

Why choose CBD Isolate?

Many people choose CBD isolate for one simple reason: they don’t want to risk testing positive for THC. Educators, first responders, and others who may be subjected to drug tests find this is the best way to reap all the benefits without risking a false positive, however unlikely it may be.

Isolate is also popular because it’s so easy to consume. You’ll never have to account for any discrepancies in doses because CBD is the only compound it contains. Depending on whether its flavored or unflavored, CBD isolate can be added to pretty much anything. There are some places that even offer CBD infused slices of pizza. Now that’s versatility.

How to use CBD isolate

CBD isolate can be consumed in a variety of ways as mentioned earlier. There’s the sublingual method, which involves placing CBD under the tongue for a certain amount of time while it is absorbed into the bloodstream. This is perhaps the most popular method. For all day relief, some consumers purchase vapable CBD e-liquids that contain both CBD isolate and flavoring. The carrier for these e-liquid products is propylene glycol, as MCT oil should never be vaped. They then vape the CBD in small doses throughout the day, resulting in all-day comfort and relief.

Infused topicals, or lotions and creams, are another popular way to work CBD isolate into a daily regimen. It works wonders for surface level musculoskeletal aches and pains when applied to the afflicted area. CBD creams can also work wonders for those with skin conditions looking for a holistic alternative to healing.

Always ask for lab results

The CBD market contains an overwhelmingly large selection of brands to choose from. Most of these brands do their due diligence and truly want to help others find natural remedies. However, there are also those who seek to take advantage of the infantile nature of the industry. The best advice for finding a CBD product that’s perfect for you is to first make sure everything has lab results readily available. 

Eclipse has a QR code printed on every single label and box that will take you directly to our batch results. Not all CBD is created equal, and some hemp sources may contain more THC than others. Lab results don’t just show whether or not a product truly has zero THC: they also ensure potency, to make sure you’re getting what you paid for, and purity, to ensure there are no pesticides, microbials or other harmful residual substances.

Storage & More

Ensure your CBD isolate maintains its top-tier quality by following the steps below:

  • Store in a cool, dry place, preferably between 4-25°C (40-77°F). Avoid heat above 30°C (85°F). Store bottle upright to preserve quality.
  • Read all warnings and directions before use. For best dosing reference, keep the box.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Consult your healthcare professional prior to use of this product.
  • DO NOT VAPE - this is not a vapable product.