Explore Topical CBD Products for Everyday Wellness
Step into the world of Eclipse CBD where our Topical CBD Products offer simple, effective relief. Our lotions and butters cater to those seeking a natural touch for their skincare routine.
Feel the Difference with Soothing Recovery Lotion
Ease into comfort with our Soothing Recovery Lotion. It targets sore areas, delivering relief where it’s needed. The formula is non-greasy, absorbing quickly for immediate benefits.
Luxurious Care with Hemp Infused Body Butter
Our Hemp Infused Body Butter transforms dry skin. It’s a rich mix that hydrates and softens. With CBD, it also helps to calm and relax. The butter sinks in fast, leaving skin smooth and refreshed.

Eclipse CBD stands for quality. We ensure that our Topical CBD Products not only meet but exceed expectations. Each batch undergoes strict testing for purity and potency. Our commitment is to provide products that offer genuine benefits.

So, choose Eclipse for topicals that do more. Whether it’s the lotion for post-exercise care or the butter for daily use, your skin will thank you. Let our topicals be a part of your wellness journey, starting today.


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