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Embrace CBD Wellness with a Variety of Flavors

Eclipse CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil are a fusion of nature’s goodness and delightful flavors. Choose from our array of options – Flavorless, Lemon Cake, Strawberry Delight, Orange Dream, Peppermint, and Peanut Butter. These oils are designed not just for efficacy but also to please your palate, offering a pleasant experience without the medicinal taste.

Enhanced Quality for Effective Relief

Our oils are crafted to assist with pain management, varying in effectiveness based on oil potency. Suitable for those seeking relief from daily stresses, these CBD oils offer a natural way to enhance your well-being. The flavorless option is perfect for inconspicuously enhancing your food or drinks, maintaining the authenticity of your meals while adding the benefits of CBD.

Committed to Purity and Compliance

Adhering to the 2018 Farm Bill, our oils contain less than 0.3% THC. We take pride in our products being grown and processed in the United States under strict guidelines of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Each 30mL bottle offers approximately 30 servings, and standard serving size being 1mL (1 dropper).

Usage and Storage Instructions for Optimal Benefits

For safe and effective use, ensure the tamper seal is intact before usage. Our dropper design allows for precise dosage – simply shake the bottle, use the dropper to administer the oil under your tongue, and hold for 10 seconds for maximum absorption. We recommend storing the bottles in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

Ingredients Rooted in Nature

Eclipse CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil are a blend of US Hemp-derived CBD distillate, enriched with MCT oil and non-GMO natural and artificial flavorings. This combination ensures a high-quality product that aligns with your health and wellness goals.

Safety and Recommendations

While using our product, avoid operating complex machinery or driving. Always consult your healthcare professional prior to use, especially if you have any underlying health conditions. Please note, this product is not intended for vaping.

Embrace a holistic approach to wellness with our Full Spectrum CBD Oil, your companion for a balanced and enriched lifestyle.

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Customer Reviews

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Erica Ortiz-Ganey
Full spectrum

Best to relax father with Alzheimer in the afternoon

Ryan Allen

Full Spectrum Oils

J.P. Lynn
Amazing & Essential

I haven't performed any scientific studies on these products to determine which does what and how much more effective one is over the other, but I can say with no hesitation that these Eclipse Full Spectrum products produce results to address issues related to the nervous system and the various unpleasant sensations we may experience in our lives. I, for one, have nerve discomfort in my legs that is related to injury sustained from an automobile accident 20 years ago, as well as anxiety and concentration related symptoms. Very important to take an effective dose which for me is 1ml, anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day

Evelina Giffen
Bought some from a store in Iowa and then ordered directly

Really disappointed. I got some from a shop in Iowa and then ordered 2 bottles directly from the source in Texas. Finished 2 bottles and they had about 1/10 the efficacy of the one I purchased before. Really upset about it.

Evangeline Hicks
Awesome as always...

Repeat customer.. Have said it before Ave will do so again, best CBD I have found. i always know I will get rapid, reliable pain relief without it making me groggy or disoriented. Was in ND this time when they shipped it...fast delivery service, as always.

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