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When it comes to isolate, our tinctures are made to be safe, accurate, and effective. Our biggest advantage is taste. Better, not bitter, is more than a tagline: it is our entire philosophy. Each tincture comes with a graduated dropper so you can measure your dosage exactly. Take the tincture under your tongue or add it to a food or beverage: the choices are limitless.


Product Details

Visit our FAQ for dosage recommendations.

Our CBD Isolate tinctures are made with an MCT oil base for best absorption. Our CBD is derived from hemp grown in Colorado - all of our products are made in the USA. Our in-house labs uses a process that mitigates the bitter, earthy taste of other CBD products in order to deliver a very palatable and easily taken flavor. All of our products are batch tested in a third party lab to ensure the same quality in every bottle.


  • Can assist with pain management, depending on oil potency and other factors. Stronger pain may require a higher concentration of CBD.
  • Five unique flavors for feeling better without the medicinal taste
  • Can assist in day to day stress
  • Also comes in a true flavorless option, perfect for enhancing food or drinks
  • Perfect for sublingual use. Do not vape.
  • Add it to food, drinks, or simply take it under your tongue. Remember to shake well before dosing.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Robert Milner
Strawberry Delight Tincture

I have virus similar but nit Covid. When things get bad a drop if Tincture really hepls

Bill Bingham
It’s great as always

It’s great. AlwYs been great

Carl Risk

I have used this product before and because of financial circumstances had to stop. This product has lowered my blood pressure enough that my doctor allowed me to stop taking one of my blood pressure prescriptions. Love this product! I did notice that the flavor on this order is not the same as it was before.

Stanford Hare

CBD Oil Isolate

Deborah Smith
Eclipse Lemon Cake CBD OIL

This cbd oil is very good tasting helps with my back pain, herniated disk,buldging disk and everyday arthritis pain helps with depression highly recommend this product









Directions for Use

Ensure tamper seal is still on the bottle. If the seal is broken, do NOT consume: send us an email for a replacement product.
Remove cap and replace with measured dropper cap. Shake the bottle well for five seconds.
Refer to the Supplemental Facts panel on the back of your product box or the dosing chart above for serving information. 1 dropper = 1mL
Take 1mL every 4 hours not to exceed two servings in a 24 hour period unless directed by healthcare professional.
Dropper: Squeeze the rubber tip of your dropper and release it as it is still submerged. Refer to the measurements on dropper for desired amount.
Squeeze desired amount under tongue and hold for 10 seconds. Avoid touching dropper tip with your mouth to keep your product fresh.

Supplemental Facts

Zero THC
Proudly grown and processed in the United States under the Colorado Department of Agriculture
CBD below legal THC limit per 2018 Farm Bill
Serving Size: 1mL = 1 dropper
Approx 30 servings per 30mL bottle


US Hemp derived CBD Isolate 99%, MCT Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavors

Storage & More

Store in a cool, dry place, preferably between 4-25°C (40-77°F). Avoid heat above 30°C (85°F). Store bottle upright to preserve quality.
Read all warnings and directions before use. For best dosing reference, keep the box.
Keep out of reach of children.
Consult your healthcare professional prior to use of this product.
DO NOT VAPE - this is not a vapable product.

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